Eliza Williams was born in Eugene, Oregon in the United States in 1995. She started painting with acrylics in 2013. She attended Lane Community College at the age of 16, where she took a handful of art classes. She learned to explore and develop different styles of acrylic painting from a mentor project in the one painting course she attended. Her largest source of knowledge with painting comes from studying and gaining inspiration from other artists’ techniques. A style that she has been pursuing is one of a contemporary figurative style that plays with the merge of simplicity and complexion.

In 2018 Eliza taught private painting and drawing lessons to an art student enrolled in a college graduate program at the University of Oregon. She also started an ongoing painting collaboration project with another artist.

In that same year, she was invited to a small Pueblo in Yucatán, Mexico where she painted a mural and created a mosaic. In 2020 She created a series of interdisciplinary projects for elementary school students focusing on the Yucatecan culture, wildlife, art and the Mayan language. She was able to carry this project out with a group of elementary school students in the Club K After School Program in Beaverton, Oregon.

In 2019 She had her first solo gallery exhibition at the Island Park Art Gallery in Springfield, Oregon.

She is a member of Paisley Studios in Portland Oregon.